Easy DoorDash Cash


If you're wondering how much you can make with DoorDash the answer is: "Not very much."

Does that shock you?

The truth of the matter is this: Very few Dashers hardly make anything at all because they make a number of common mistakes that torpedo their earnings.

Even the ones that persist to the point of grinding out $15/hour shifts end up getting sucked in to making the biggest mistake of all - and it forever limits their ability to break through and earn more.

And that's why this manual has been written: to keep you from having your earnings sabotaged, while giving you step by step instructions on how you can maximize your earnings.

$20, $30 even $40+ is entirely possible. (With $1,000+ weeks certainly being achievable.)

But only if you do things correctly.

Miss just one step or make the wrong decision and you'll be stuck earning a fraction of what you could be.

This manual has taken over 4 years of Dashing experience and distilled it down into a series of very simple to follow steps.

And in addition to that, you'll find:

  • Copy & paste scripts you can use to increase your customer rating
  • How to find the best times to Dash (and which ones to avoid like the plague!)
  • What to do (and when to do it) to make sure you get the exact shifts you want
  • How to effectively play the rating game (we'll let you know which ones don't matter and how you can improve the ones that do)
  • A complete walk through of what to do when picking up and delivering each order (including a simple hack for dealing with any customer complaints)
  • How to safeguard yourself from any scammers (they're out there, but you'll learn what to avoid and how to stay safe)
  • What you need to do in order to decide whether an order is worth taking, or if you should ignore it

Plus: We also explain how you can increase your earnings by 20%, a quick hack on how to find the best places to get orders from, as well as showing you how you can automate certain tasks!

Whether you're brand new or an experienced Dasher, if you're serious about optimizing your process to increase your earnings, you owe it to yourself to get this guide.

And while earnings might vary a little from region to region due to the popularity of DoorDash in your area, this manual will show you how to squeeze every last cent out of the opportunity that you have as a Dasher!

(Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product we are unable to offer any refunds after purchase. Thank you for understanding.)

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Easy DoorDash Cash

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